Mirror, Mirror…

The beautiful elk in Pennsylvania provide plenty of different camera angles for us to capture. We photograph them in the rut, while they are eating and grazing, and even sometimes when they are bedded down sleeping. Some of us just cannot get enough of these magnificent creatures and we still have a number of dream shots we would still like to capture!

Last week, when we were watching a small herd being controlled by a big bull, several other bulls came in to make a challenge for the cows. Early on in the evening we saw this bull moving toward the action. I snapped several shots as he made his way toward the cows, but this one specific shot presented itself and I could not resist.

The water is in a limestone filter that is being used to reclaim the polluted waters from the strip mining that was done in the area. I just thought the reflection from the water presented a different composition than what I saw previously. What do you think of it?

Bull Reflection

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