Making Photographs Better

Yesterday I was sharing some of the difficulty I am having in deciding which photos should make the cut. I presented three photographs for you to look at and decide how they rate.

Well, today I want to take one photo and see if I can make it better. It happens to be the second photograph from yesterday. This first photo is the exact same one as yesterday. The photograph that follows is my attempt to make it better. What do you think? Is it better than the original?

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2 Responses to Making Photographs Better

  1. Brad says:

    I do Bob, I am no longer looking at the figiure on the far left and the unp and on deck batter. My focus is now on the tag at the plate and what is going on.

    I hope my comment was okay with you yesterday. I like when people are honest with me on my photos even if it bothers me a little because it is the only way I can learn and get better. And I have a lot to learn.

  2. bobshank says:

    Thanks, Brad! No, your comment was right on target and I agree that we only get better when these little things crop up. I had a very tough and demanding photography professor back at Temple University and I am the better for it. Thanks for your comment. I am still not totally happy with this photo and it will not make my final cut, but it is a little better than it was.

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