Is It the Camera or the Photographer?

We all hear comments about our photography. Positive feedback is always welcome and has a way of encouraging us to keep at our task in a very positive way. But sometimes the comments we receive are unintentionally backhanded. For example, have you have been told: “Wow, that’s a great photograph. You must have a really good camera!”

You see, the intention is probably well-meaning, but how do you feel when you hear this? Doesn’t it sound like anyone could have taken that photo if they just had an equally expensive or quality camera? So what makes a great photograph–the camera of the photographer?

Some may be quick to answer, “Both.” But let’s look a little deeper into this answer. Surely a better camera is going to produce results, but don’t you think a pro can take even an inexpensive camera and make it look good?

You see, I am of the mind that it is more the photographer who makes good photographs than the camera. I know some photographers who are excellent in their craft and make unbelievable photographs from film even today. It doesn’t really matter which camera they use, they put their knowledge of the craft into use and the results speak for themselves.

Yes, a good camera can make a good photographer better, but I don’t think a great camera can make a non-photographer good. What do you think? Is it the camera or the photographer that makes a difference?

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