Hit by Pitch – in Softball & Baseball!

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Do these two photographs look similar? They were published in the Pocono Record about one year apart.

Both batters were hit by an inside pitch that completely knocked their helmet off their head! It was a scary moment in each game, but both players were able to stay in the game, none too much for the wear.

Softball and baseball can be a scary game at times, but these athletes take it all in stride. They expect a lot of themselves and put some incredible talent between the lines at every game. Our hats should be off to them (seriously!).

Here is the sequence of photos from each batter getting hit by the pitch:

BB 2014-05-14 0086 BB 2014-05-14 0087 BB 2014-05-14 0088 BB 2014-05-14 0089 BB 2014-05-14 0091 BB 2014-05-14 0092 BB 2014-05-14 0093 BB 2014-05-14 0094

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