High School Musical 2

Tonight I attended the dress rehearsal for High School Musical 2 at the Sherman Theater. It was awesome!

All the hard work and dedication of the actors and crew is going to pay off big time this weekend. If you have a chance to attend one of these performances, I strongly urge you to be there. You can order tickets online at the Sherman Theater’s home page.

Photographing a musical dress rehearsal is not easy and present a number of challenges. The lighting is great at spots and lousy elsewhere, at least for photography. I finally settled in on using manual mode and shot in RAW. I will be going through these photos tomorrow and hope to have them posted on my website in another day or two.

I just hope my photos are half as good as the performance by the actors. This is one awesome production!

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  1. Keith says:

    Do you have any photos up yet? My girlfriend Mary and I built the set. Unfortunately we lost our photos and would like to get as many as possible. Thanks, Keith

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