Get Out and Shoot!

I have a confession to make–I am a huge gear junkie!

I love to research and eventually purchase camera equipment of all kinds. B&H Photo and Nikon are two of my most favorite websites to frequent. In fact, they are typically in one of my many browser tabs. I also enjoy reading about equipment, comparing technical specifications, and reading user reviews on camera equipment. I have a long equipment “want list,” too.

But with all this research and dreaming, there is nothing better than getting outdoors to actually shot our cameras. The weather here in the Poconos of northeast Pennsylvania is finally starting to feel like spring. So instead of thinking about camera equipment it is time for me to get out and actually use the camera equipment I have currently!

We learn a lot by reading, but we can learn a whole more from experimenting and actually using our cameras and camera equipment in the field. Give it a try. Get out and shoot your camera!

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