Have you seen a photo gallery lately?

Years ago this meant you had to go somewhere physically to see a gallery of prints. This option is still available to be sure, but additional options are now available. Online galleries are not nearly the same, but they do provide another way to view photos. I still prefer actual prints and will be entering 12 of my photos into a gallery NEPA Community Federal Credit Union in August.

I do put some of my photos online, mostly so others can see them and then picks ones they would like to have printed. But online galleries do have their place. Far too many people stick hundreds and even thousands of photographs onto their computer’s hard drives never to be seen again. This is not good.

The object is to get your photographs seen by other people. Do you have any of your photos in a gallery? Maybe it’s time you create an online gallery to share with others. It is easy and fun to do. And once you have them up, send me a link so I can check them out!

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