Flickr is Easy in Lightroom 3

If you use Lightroom and have a Flickr account, things could not be easier!

Publishing photos to your Flickr page from Lightroom is so easy. I was able to set up the account and post photos within mere minutes. The steps are quick and easy.

First, go to the Library Module in Lightroom. Scroll all the way down on the left panel until you see “Publish Services” and “Flickr.” Now, go press the “Set Up” link and follow the directions to direct Lightroom to your Flickr account.

Then, once the setup is completed, create a photoset by right clicking on the Flickr bar and “Create Photoset.” Now make this your target collection by right clicking on this Photoset bar and selecting “Set as Target Collection.” Go to the photos you want to publish on Flickr and dump them into this new target collection by right clicking and selecting “Add to Target Collection.”

Once your collection is complete, go back down to “Publish Services,” right click on the bar of your new collection, and select “Publish Now.”

Sit back and watch Lightroom do its thing. It’s a snap!

Give it a try and let me know what you think of this new feature! Now, if only they can add the same great feature to add photos to Facebook…

Check out my Flickr page by clicking here.

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