Fast Workflow

Digital workflow is a common conversation these days. How do you take your digital photos in your camera and get them to some usable form? Workflow is the process you use to process and edit your digital photos. What software do you use? What process do you follow? Is it easy or complicated? Is it fast or cumbersome?

My workflow has improved with time and experience. I switched to using Adobe Lightroom and it is definitely better for me. I can now process, manage, edit, print, and create web galleries with great ease. I almost feel like a trapeze artist who “performs astonishing feats with great ease.”

My process is to upload the digital files from my camera into Lightroom. In the process I rename the files to reflect the date of the shoot and a unique sequence number. This way I will never have two files with the same name. If I do two shoots in a day, I simply start the file naming sequence where the first shoot left off. Once the files are in Lightroom I can pick the keepers very easily. Then I can edit the photographs as needed. The next step is either to create a web gallery or export photographs to be printed. Either way, Lightroom makes it easy to do.

My workflow is smooth these days and I have Lightroom to thank for much of this. You can give it a try yourself with a free 30-day trial. Try it and see if your workflow can become smoother and faster.

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2 Responses to Fast Workflow

  1. gdwall says:

    How do you upload a gallery to wordpress????



    p.S. Love your site here. . .

  2. bobshank says:

    I am not sure that this is possible. I use Lightroom to create galleries for my website, which I create and maintain myself with Dreamweaver. I just load one photo at a time here in WordPress. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

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