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Sometimes I am a bit envious of my photo buddies who shoot video of wildlife. I am a still photographer for better or worse. I believe that videography is a much different skill set than photography. For whatever reason I prefer photography. I also don’t really care for the longer editing time spent on video nor the storage space required. Perhaps it doesn’t hurt that I was taught on black and white film photography back in my college days. I still have that old Minolta film camera and all my darkroom equipment. Some things are just difficult to part with you know! I do enjoy digital photography and Lightroom, but every once in a while I pine for those old darkroom days!

I was talking with a friend of mine, Matt Parton, who is into film photography. In fact, he wrote and is producing a new web series called “Imagine Frank.” He told me that many people have put slideshows up on YouTube so it isn’t exclusively for videos. At the same time I was having trouble establishing a link on website to the mp4 slideshow of the Pennsylvania Elk I recently created. After talking more with Matt I was convinced enough to give it a try.

You can now view my slideshow on YouTube and the link to it from my website works perfectly. This was a great way to show the slideshow featuring the “Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience” that my good friend and colleague hosts with me twice a year. This photo trip features three solid days of wildlife photography and we get many opportunities to photograph the majestic elk of Pennsylvania. Three photo workshops are included. We also recently added a day-trip option as well.

Here is a slideshow of photographs captured during previous “Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experiences.” I hope you enjoy viewing it. Take a look and leave a comment on what you think of it. Thanks!

Capture photographs like this at our “Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience!”

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