Do You Have an Itch?

Life in the blind is starting to be a welcome experience for me. I had read and heard about the use of blinds for wildlife photography, but until I constructed one myself and actually used it I had no idea how helpful a blind could be for me. It is awesome!

Today I am posting a photo of a deer who apparently has an itch. I like this photo because it shows something unique and oddly similar to our human itchiness. Do you have an itch? Do you dare scratch your itch in public? Well, this deer don’t care. Look at her scratching her itch. I can just imagine her thoughts: “Ooooo, that feels so good!”

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, I am hoping to have a few photos of my newly constructed blind. It was easy and inexpensive to build and the results didn’t turn out half bad. I am excited about the photos I should be able to get while hiding out in this blind! I will even be able to scratch my itch without worrying that I might scare off an animal!

Deer Itching

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2 Responses to Do You Have an Itch?

  1. Willard says:


    I t was good getting to see you again in Elk County and to meet Dick. I use a blind a lot when I am dealing with animals that are not used to human presence and find them to be very helpful. I also liked your post on framing the picture. I like to incorporate this technique when possible. I frequently photograph and film turkeys in a meadow that has a few trees in the center of it. I have found in this case that the photo/video looks much more wild if one or more of the trees can be incorporated in the composition.

  2. Brad says:

    Bob, I am sorry I missed you in Elk County. I was up the week after you for five days and got to shoot with the group. I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to do it again.

    I did not see the one antlered Elk, to bad I wanted to photograph him after spending those three hours with him back in August.

    I also have a camo blind, mine is comercial made and carried in a back pack. Now I just need someplace close by to use it.

    Happy shooting, Brad.

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