Plebe Summer

Spending several days at the United States Naval Academy is a treat any time of the year. There is so much history, architecture, and more! I prefer the hot summer days mainly because this coincides with Plebe Summer–the six weeks new midshipmen endure their initial training at the Academy.

I was privileged to see a lineup before lunch on Monday and the Brigade marching on Monday evening. The photographs here that I captured during the marching maneuvers show some of the facial expressions, which show some of the wear and tear of Plebe Summer. There are a few light-hearted expressions, too, which goes to show that at least some fun is sometimes had even in the midst of a grueling hot summer evening for the Plebes.

These young men and women are going facing tough times this summer and over the next four years. All of it, however, is designed to prepare them for their commission upon graduation. I am so proud of these men and women. Their willingness to endure tough times, better themselves, and work as a team in protecting the freedoms our country stands for are just some of the reasons I respect them. It truly takes a special breed of person to be so willing to endure so much. We all could learn a lot from their dedication, commitment, and courage!

Look through these photographs. Study the facial expressions. Imagine the tough conditions these young men and women are enduring. Think about their commitment, dedication, and courage. What do you see in these photographs?