Spotlight Awards 2012 at The Sherman Theater

Today I had the privilege of photographing the 2012 Spotlight Awards at The Sherman Theater, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

This 5th Annual Event honors the high school musicals in the Poconos. The Award Ceremony brings the high schools together to show appreciation for all the hard work that goes into each school’s production throughout the year.

Rich Berkowitz, the Executive Director/founder/ and President at The Sherman Theater, hosted the Spotlight Awards. Dignitaries, former award winners, and a host of other persons presented the awards after listing all the nominations. The high schools performed acts from their respective musicals in-between. It was a fun time of celebration and appreciation for all those involved in the musicals.

The festivities began at 2pm with a Red Carpet event that ushered in the students and directors. Some were decked out in evening gowns and tuxedos, while others sported the costumes of the musicals they performed. It was a local gala that nearly filled the house. The awards ceremony lasted three hours and was filled with recognitions, accolades, mutual support, great music, and wonderful performances.

To see more of the photographs from the 2012 Spotlight Awards, go to the photo gallery index page and click on the link on the left side.

Congratulations to all the award winners, and also to every single performer, actor, singer, musician, director, and co-director! You all did a great job this year!

Wrestling – Stroudsburg vs. Pleasant Valley

This week featured an exciting Mountain Valley Conference match-up for the championship. Winner take all! For all the marbles! However you want to say it, this match was going to determine the winner of this years Mountain Valley Conference. Stroudsburg had the three previous titles and once again Pleasant Valley came in as the predicted underdog, even though they outranked Stroudsburg in the District playoffs.

Sadly, I was not able to photograph the Varsity match due to another commitment, but I was able to photograph the Junior High match. These photographs are just a sampling of the photos I captured at this match. You can view all the photos here.

I hope these photos reveal at least some of the excitement and enthusiasm that came out on this huge night. It was a night of noise, enthusiasm, excitement, and champions!

Pleasant Valley vs. Stroudsburg Baseball

The first day of the high school fall baseball tournament featured Pleasant Valley vs. Stroudsburg.

The game started out with a bang as Stroudsburg crossed five players over home plate to go up 5-0. There was no looking back as the Mounties kept their edge throughout the entire game. Strong pitching and lots of hitting were both featured by the home team.

I always find it exciting to photograph these baseball games. The action is not always easy to predict but the challenge of telling the story of the game with my camera is thoroughly enjoyable.

You can view photographs captured at this game here.

2011 Worldwide Photo Walk

The annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk was held this past weekend. Here in northeast Pennsylvania it rained both days. We were scheduled to walk on Saturday at 5:30pm but it was raining steady. Several brave souls dealt with the inclement weather and walked anyway. We rescheduled for Sunday at the same time, but it was raining even harder! Five of us walked anyway. It was fun, although I sure wish I could predict the weather better.

Thank you for those who participated in this year’s walk. I sure wish we didn’t have all that rain, but it did make for some nice reflections in some of your photographs! Hopefully next year will be sunnier!

You can view some of the photos captured during this year’s walk on our Group Flickr account here:

Photo Walk in Stroudsburg

There are only two more days until the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk takes place in Stroudsburg but there is still time to sign up. There are several spots still available.

We will gather at 5:15pm in Ann Street Park in Stroudsburg, walk through town, making photographs along the way, and share our photography fun together. At the conclusion of our Photo Walk, at 7:30pm, we will gather at Sarah Street Grille for a bite to eat and some drinks as we talk about our experience and share our photos from the back of our LCD screens.

Join us for this fun photo experience! You do not have to be an expert photographer and you don’t even need an expensive camera. All photo enthusiasts are welcome and encouraged to join us.

To find out more about the Photo Walk and to sign up, go to this link.

Stroudsburg/East Stroudsburg Photo Walk

Join us on Saturday, October 2nd at 5:15pm on a Photo Walk.

This is a participating walk of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk and will be the 3rd annual walk here in our community. We will begin at Ann Street Park on Ann Street in Stroudsburg. Gathering time is 5:15pm and we will start the walk promptly at 5:30pm. We will walk through the heart of Stroudsburg, which offers plenty of photo ops. We will pass by historic homes, a Victorian restaurant, the County Courthouse, and many other photogenic sites.

You don’t have to have a fancy camera or be an advanced photographer to join us. Just bring whatever camera you have and join in the fun. We always enjoy talking about photography, sharing our photos with each other, and just being together.

After the Photo Walk concludes at 7:30pm you will have the option to join us at Sarah Street Grille for some eats and drinks. They are providing space upstairs for us to hang out and talk about our walk. It will be lots of fun.

To find out more information about this Photo Walk or join sign up (it’s free), check out the website at:

For those of you not living in our area, you can find a Photo Walk near you by going to this website:

Sign up a friend with you and join us in the fun!

Here are a few photos from last year’s Photo Walk.

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Pleasant Valley vs. Stroudsburg

Today’s baseball game between PV and Stroudsburg was an exciting, back and forth game that went into extra innings!

Both teams battled back and forth all afternoon putting hits together and advancing base runners to score runs. 2-0, 3-5, 5-5, 7-5, 7-7, back and forth it went. You gotta love a game that features both hitting and scoring. The game went into the eighth inning and was decided by an RBI single in the bottom half of the inning as Stroudsburg pulled out the victory. What a game!

I could also see the light conditions changing as the game progressed. The fall season has days getting shorter and this brings the golden hour into the tail end of these games. As the sun begins to make its way down toward the horizon, the light becomes stunning.

Here are just some of the photos I was able to capture at this exciting game.

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More Hurricane Irene Photos – Stroudsburg, PA 2011

I was blown away! No, not by Hurricane Irene, but by the number of visits to my blog yesterday. Over 1,000 people visited my blog to see the photos I captured during Hurricane Irene’s visit through northeast Pennsylvania. It was certainly not the worst storm in our state’s history, but the schools in Monroe County were closed the last two days and many people are still without power. This Hurricane caused some definite destruction.

So I went back through my photographs from yesterday and decided to post a few more today. These photographs are from the same areas I mentioned yesterday–all in the town of Stroudsburg. The effects of a hurricane are far-reaching and lasting in many ways.

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Hurricane Irene – Stroudsburg, PA 2011

Hurricane Irene tore up the east coast this weekend. While it was not nearly as violent a storm as was predicted, it did cause some damage. Power was out much of the day for many in Stroudsburg and the region caused by downed trees, and moderate flooding was prevalent throughout the area. I got my real first taste of photographing the damage caused by a hurricane and it was thrilling to record the action with my camera. The reaction of the people was fascinating and capturing the damage caused by this storm was by far the most thrilling. The wind blew hard at times, nearly taking my baseball cap with it! Rain occasionally fell, but the brunt of the storm had passed by the time I was out with my camera.

I took a lot of photographs of Hurricane Irene, but here are a few of my favorites. As you browse through this collection of photos you will first see the McMichaels Creek violently overflowing and whipping under the Broad Street Bridge. Then you will see a tree that fell right onto a house on Clermont Street in South Stroudsburg. The next series of photographs are from a downed tree on Park Avenue, which took power lines and a utility pole with it, shattering the pole like a toothpick. Finally, you will see a few of the road closures in Cherry Valley.

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More Football

I photographed another football game last week but haven’t had time to include it here on my blog. The game hosted the 8th Grade teams of Stroudsburg and Pocono Mountain West. It was the last game of the season for these two teams and the last chance for off-season bragging rights! To add even more excitement to the game, Stroudsburg was vying for an undefeated season!

It was an exciting game to photograph! The game opened up with Pocono Mountain leading but Stroudsburg answered loudly and clearly. It was a game with hard-hitting, precision blocking, and great fundamental football. Both teams put it all out there on the field! It was a hard-fought game and in the end Stroudsburg prevailed with a solid win. Pocono Mountain made it interesting at the end, but it just wasn’t to be for them. Wow, what another exciting game!

Congratulations to Stroudsburg on their undefeated season!