A Powerful Way to Remember 911

I came across a photo website that you just have to see!

Faces of Ground Zero consists of photographs created by well-known photography, Joe McNally. He spent about five weeks at Ground Zero 10 years ago making photographs of the firemen and others involved in that horrific tragedy.

Interestingly, he used a giant Polaroid camera that was about the size of a single-car garage. Two people were actually inside the his huge camera making it work. The subject had to stand very still until the exposure was finished. The results were worth the efforts because the photographs were 4′ x 9′ images!

The images were put away after being initially displayed until now. They are again on display in New York City in the Time Warner Center. They are definitely worth seeing, but if you cannot get there in person, take a look at this website: Faces of Ground Zero.

Joe McNally has updated these original photographs by adding some new up-to-date photos of the same subjects and even included some video, too. They are amazing images and serve well in helping us to remember and never forget the tragedy of 911.

I cannot say this strongly enough: you have to see these photographs! Please, please, please take some time this week to browse through this website and see these amazing photographs. You will definitely be extremely glad you did!

If you have a little more time, here is a blog entry that Joe wrote and posted yesterday. It includes details and behind-the-scenes information that I found fascinating.

Faces of Ground Zero