Bull Elk in Goldenrod

The elk rut each fall is a time of anticipation and excitement!

This year was no exception. In fact, this year turned out to be one of the best fall ruts I ever photographed! There is just something special about the fall season — the cooler air, the rich aromas, and the colorful sights all contribute to this unique time of year. The goldenrod is in full bloom at this time of year and it provides a wonderful background for photographs of elk. I just love the bright yellow colors!


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One Response to Bull Elk in Goldenrod

  1. Coy says:

    I agree Bob, this year was special. There is little doubt that the reduced number of bull tags in the area surrounding the viewing areas for the last few years contributed greatly to the increase in large bulls. However this year the bull tags were doubled in zones 2 & 8, the results of which remain to be seen.

    Goldenrod as well as the autumn foliage does make for some excellent backgrounds. There is noting more beautiful that a good bull captured in a great setting!

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