A Change in the Air


There’s a change in the air. Do you feel it?

Clint Black sings a song with this title, “A Change in the Air” and some of the lyrics go like this:

“Can’t explain
There’s something strange about the early fall
It’s a comfort leaving me with out a care
I remain
But everything around me hears the call
And tonight I feel a change in the air”

There is this kind of feeling in the air tonight. Fall is coming and this is absolutely my most favorite time of year.

Dick McCreight and I are getting ready for our September version of our PA Elk Photo Experience where the rut will be on and the bulls will be fighting for dominance. I can’t wait! The photo I posted today was captured last year in the fall. I think it depicts convincingly well just why I like this time of year!

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3 Responses to A Change in the Air

  1. Shane says:

    Hey there, I dotknow if you have google analytics or not but we have been getting alot of page veiwsi got 300 something in the last week. Great photos I hope to see you in Benezette again. I also checked out your facebook page, very nice.

  2. bobshank says:

    Hi Shane! My blog software keeps statistics that I can view and my internet provider does the same for my web page. It’s great! And yes I have been getting a lot of views in the past week, especially since the newspaper article ran. This is so cool!

  3. Willard says:

    Hi Bob,

    It definitely gets one in the mood for what is coming. These cool mornings make me think about the bugling. All too soon it will be over and winter will be here, but we must savor it while we can.

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