Vtrips Rental Agreement

This holiday rental agreement (“contract”) is intended for the rental of the apartment indicated in a confirmed reservation (the “property”). This agreement exists between: (1) Vacasa (“Vacasa,” “we” or “us”), who act for himself and for the owner of the property (“owner”), and (2) of the person who is the tenant responsible for the property (together “tenant” or “you”). We received a call from Donna this morning at the Management Office for Vacation Rental Pros on the key to our rental, and she wanted to inform them of our experience here in Siesta Key. This is a great area and we look forward to coming back. But we had our challenges. My wife and I came on Saturday, January 4th and met with the manager after 3pm. We received keys and were ordered to park in the general parking lot as there would be a parking renovation this week. We drove the elevator to the floor, tried the suit for the bolt, and we couldn`t open the door. We`ve found that you need to enter after the four-digit combination. We went into the suite and were surprised by the condition.

I listed the problems we found below: 1. All the windows and screens were dirty. My wife and I used hot water, ammonia and a rakel to clean the inside and outside of sliding glass windows and a scrub brush to clean the screens. Completed.2. All turches had to be removed and rewarded, all lanes had to be cleaned and cleaned, and the glass coatings had to be scraped. Completed.3. The screen in the north room was off the runway and could not be moved. It had to be repaired before it could be cleaned and used. Completed.4. There was no hot water in the Master`s shower and the water came out into a stream. I removed the shower head and found that the water pressure was sufficient and that the water temperature could be set. We replaced the shower head with a new “confined water” head purchased from the Home Depot, and the problem was resolved.

Completed.5. The Internet was disconnected. We were able to connect to the WIFI, but we didn`t have access to the Internet. We removed the router and regained access, but slowly. Completed.6. The outdoor terrace was also extremely dirty. We cleaned all the furniture, especially the top and bottom of the table, and mowed the floor. Finished.7. We found insects in the kitchen. They are very small insects that have passed through the kitchen counter and the seams of the dishwasher. We cleaned the whole kitchen at 409 and haven`t seen the insects since we cleaned.

Completed.8. While cleaning the guest room, I found a bar for the blinds stuck behind the dresser in this room. I reinstalled the bar to the missing position in the blind. Completed.9. While cleaning this room, we found a used group help under the bed and threw it away. 10. My wife opened the dishwasher and found coffee stains in the back of the unit. There was a “washing capsule” in the recording, but the device had not been run. We did the dishwasher and everything seemed fine.

Completed.11. The main bathroom door button would not be locked. The door lock bar was not compatible with the mating socket on the door dust.

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