Under Vow Agreement

This does not exclude that the Listing Broker will offer a different MLS participation allowance than that provided in its proposed courses, as indicated by the Service, provided that the broker informs the other broker in writing before filing an offer to purchase and provided that the change in the reported remuneration is not the result of an agreement between all or the other participants in the service. Each alternative offer of compensation must be expressed either as a percentage of the gross sale price or as a lump sum. In such cases, the right to cooperative compensation offered through MLS would be an issue that should be determined by an arbitration body on the basis of all relevant facts and circumstances, including, but not limited to, why it was impossible or financially impossible for the broker to recover some or all of the commission set out in the listing agreement; At what point in the transaction did the broker know (or would have known) that some or all of the commission set out in the listing agreement might not be paid; and how quickly the broker had informed the cooperating brokers that the commission set in the listing agreement might not be paid. (h) participants and AVPs who operate VOVs on their behalf must execute the licensing agreement required by MLS. (d) Participants may only allow access to their VOV if a filer`s email address is confirmed and the registrant`s consent to the vow terms of use has been confirmed. Section 2 Demonstrations and Negotiations The dates of demonstrations and negotiations with the seller regarding the purchase of listed goods submitted to the service are carried out through the Listing Broker, except in the following circumstances: Section 13.2 Applicability of the rules to MLS Nothing in these rules limits MLS` right to enter into licensing agreements with third parties for the use of MLS compilations or part of them according to the terms approved by the Board of Directors. (i) Participants must sign the most up-to-date licensing agreement with MLS. o) Any subscriber-controlled IDX ad must clearly state the name of the brokerage company under which they operate, in a clearly visible color and font.

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