Stamp Duty On Vendor Agreement

From 1 April 2010, the rate of stamp duty is as follows: in the absence of authorisation for the deferral of payment of stamp duty, the time limit for payment of stamp duty is as follows: the stamps must be used as follows; The purchased stamp should be used within six months of purchase. If, for certain reasons, it is not possible to use it within six months of purchase, an application for reimbursement of stamp duty must be submitted within six months of the date of purchase. If the marked stamp is not used or if the refund request is not submitted within six months of the date of purchase, the purchased stamp becomes null and void, which can lead to a waste of money. When using stamp paper, the letter of the document must start from the top of the stamp where the imprint appears. If more than one stamp paper is used, at least part of the written document should appear on each stamp document. If the document is too long and the stamp paper is not enough to write, you can add additional blank sheets and complete the document. (Section 14 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, 1958.) If the above-mentioned rules are not complied with, the document has not been the subject of a stamp duty payment. In order for the documents to be saved, the letter must be sent on both sides (back to back) of stamp paper. Stamp duty must be paid by affixing extrajudicial stamps to the document.

The electronic seal is available on the SHCIL website, where you select your status to confirm the status of the electronic seal. Here you can get information about the list of transactions that require an electronic seal and the collection points at which electronic certificates are issued. You must download and complete the application form, which is sent to the collection points at the same time as the amount calculated for stamp duty. As a general rule, it is the responsibility of the person signing the document to pay stamp duty when the document requires the signature of the party alone. In the event that several parties sign the document, the law has given the possibility to choose among them who should bear stamp duty. If this option is not exercised, in accordance with section 30 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, the responsibility for payment of stamp duty is defined as follows:- Sr No. Type of document responsible for the payment of stamp duty 1. Agreement on the sale of real estate, deed of sale, deed of transfer, certificate of sale of the buyer / acquiring property, etc., 2. i. All types of bonds and mortgage descriptors 1 with the signature of which it is made.

ii. Other charges mortgage instrument iii. Release of rights Instrument iv. Comparison instrument v. Transfer of rights by bonds or mortgages vi Loan 3. Lease lease/tenant 4. . . .

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