Staff Augmentation Agreement Template

If you are willing to review your employee expansion agreement, we should see once again how staff expansion is generally more than a good idea for start-ups and successful businesses. If you are not as familiar with the concept of staffing as you should be, you know that the right people, at the right opening hours, help prevent hiring and recruitment costs, allow for the submission of specialized roles in immediacy, and give you the opportunity to increase your workforce according to the needs of the company. 9. Confidential information. Both parties may obtain information that is objectionable to the ownership or confidentiality of the other party or its related companies and their customers (“confidential information”). Both parties undertake to keep this information strictly confidential and not to disclose this information to third parties or to use it for purposes other than the implementation of this Agreement, as required by law. Due to the service provider`s access to this information, no knowledge, possession or use of the customer`s confidential information is given to Appirio. The customer may require the service provider to execute the client`s confidentiality agreement and/or transfer of the client`s invention, provided, however, that these agreements are not contrary to the terms of this agreement; The customer is responsible for obtaining the signature of the service provider for such agreements. Appirio is not responsible for the confidentiality obligations between the customer and the service provider, nor is it responsible for the transfer of intellectual property or other proprietary materials between the customer and the service provider. The client must treat confidentially the CV number, social security and other personal data protected by the law of the service provider. The client undertakes to implement and maintain appropriate security procedures and practices to protect this information from unauthorized access, unauthorized use, change or disclosure.

6.2.2. Surveillance. The client acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the supervision of the service provider and the management of the project for which the service provider is employed, and that Appirio assumes no responsibility for the provision or follow-up of the service provider`s services, management or work on the client`s project. The client is solely responsible for all the results resulting from the allocation of the provider and the projects occupied by the service provider. The client also accepts that the customer, as a service provider, is solely under the direction of the customer and assumes sole responsibility for the damage caused by the service provider under the direction of the customer.

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