Share Transfer Agreement Template Hk

3. COST OF TRANSMISSION It is agreed that the registration costs of the transfer of shares (if any) will be borne by the buyer. 5. After affixing the form, the information provided by the transferee shall be confirmed for entry in the commercial register. Once the registration is successful, the transfer of shares in the company is considered complete The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance lists restrictions that prohibit Hong Kong companies from providing financial assistance for the acquisition of their shares. PandaTip: When the transferred shares are sold, the “assignor” means the seller and the “buyer” means the buyer. 5.3 The heir guarantees that the shares, whether registered or not, are not congested or other, and that they are absolutely not congested (with the exception of a capital payment obligation for partially paid-up shares). To calculate the net asset value of the transferred shares, the IRD expert may ask you to provide the following documents: – (1) the company`s audited report – its own audited report and its subsidiaries. 2. The company itself and its subsidiaries, a certified copy of the administrative financial statements. 3. The company/subsidiary is the owner and the information is provided in the form of IRSD102.

(4) Share sale contract (unless such an agreement exists, written confirmation must be provided by the seller/buyer). (5) Articles of association and articles of association of the company. (6) Any decision to pay dividends. For example, when a person who acquires shares in a company buys up debt, the Hong Kong company and its subsidiaries cannot reduce or alleviate the debt burden. To the extent that the aid is provided, the company is liable to penalties and fines. 5.5 Each party hereby declares that it is not informed of matters under its control that could have a negative or negative impact on the performance of its obligations under this Share Transfer Agreement. According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32), Article 29 provides that all Hong Kong limited liability companies must include in their articles a provision relating to the limitation of the transfer of their shares. .

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