Service Level Agreement Audit

A full service level agreement is an essential condition for providing or maintaining an important service. It simply defines the parameters of the delivery of this service for the benefit of both parties. The purpose of this audit was to provide assurance that there were appropriate governance and internal controls for House of Commons level of service agreements as part of the national coordination of blue-page registrations. The quality of the agreement is therefore of considerable importance. It must be complete, complete and accurate in its coverage. It is important that both parties understand the content and obligations described in it. As noted below, SLAs are used between a department and its key customers/clients. As an internal audit, our main client is the audit committee. We present to the audit committee a preliminary plan identifying areas at risk and our audit plan in these areas. We will then provide updates later this year. Our KPIs are measured in a few ways, first the number of results per audit unit (i.e. the number of audit reports issued), the number of problems by industry and degree of severity (type 1, type 2, etc.), a summary of audits with improved needs or unsatisfactory evaluations, and we did an investigation of the units we audited.

The last point is something we do, where we list what we believe, it`s value added and we give them an estimate of what it would have cost them to have outside service (basically, we take 100 x hours), and then they rank us 1-4 on the extent to which they agree/no, that we provided that value. There appears to have been sufficient interest, as the following responses are followed by examples of service agreements for subscribers to the AuditNet list. Thank you to everyone who responded, and even more thanks to those who shared their service agreements for the benefit of all. Shared Services Canada (SSC) was established in August 2011.

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