Italian Lease Agreement

In addition, the lack of a signed agreement on the management of certain typical situations during the rental relationship can cause unpleasant arguments. Abu Dhabi law does not clearly distinguish between a rental contract (a personal right) and a usufruit (a real right). Although the law provides that long-term leases (longer than 25 years) are property rights, it does not make it clear that the characteristics of leases with shorter terms than these are defined. In practice, Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) considered leases of more than four years for the benefit of a non-EMIRATS national (or a company owned in whole or in part by a non-MEMBRE NATIONAL of the United Arab Emirates) in relation to land outside an investment zone that includes sublease rights as usufruit rights (and are therefore unable to grant to a non-EMIRATS national outside an investment zone). Commercial real estate credit may include specific provisions regarding activities carried out in leased premises/land. Within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, some cantons have adopted a separate law on commercial building and premises leases, which imposes new rules for these leases. In addition, there are other types of contracts that resemble leases. B such as corporate/financial leasing (and financing) of commercial real estate (offices and industrial buildings – site finance/leasing), facilities contracts (setting up/termentbeschikkingstelling) for warehouses, car parks, etc. and hotel management contracts. Finally, office and retail space rentals in shopping centres are sometimes combined with service contracts through reception facilities, telecommunications services, meeting rooms, etc., and may or may not be included in a single written contract.

In Norway, there are four main types of leases: basic leases subject to the Law on Leased Land, Agricultural Basic Leases subject to the Agricultural Real Estate Leasing Act, National Leases Subject to the Rent Act and Commercial Leases which are also subject to the Rent Act (hereafter commercial leases). Czech law also recognizes a separate right to use the property for a specified period of time, as well as the right to rent which gives the beneficiary not only the right to use the property, but also the right to exploit the profits of the property. Land leasing is governed by other rules and not for buildings or parts of buildings. Land leases are divided into three categories: short-term rentals are generally only allowed in specific cases, while Law 431/1998 encourages longer and more binding agreements to protect tenants` rights and avoid unfair conditions imposed unilaterally by the strongest party (including the minimum term of the tenancy agreement, the reasons for terminating the contract before agreed terms, the cost of rent, etc.).

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