Alstom Plea Agreement

Linda HuguetTel. + 33 1 57 06 10 Alstom has agreed with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to resolve the investigation into allegations of violations of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). After many years of investigation and extensive discussions with authorities, two U.S. subsidiaries, Alstom Power Inc. and Alstom Grid Inc. (formerly known as Alstom T&D Inc.), have agreed to enter into deferred prosecution agreements with the DOJ regarding FCPA charges. If the two U.S. subsidiaries meet the terms of their deferred prosecution agreements, all criminal claims against them will be dismissed at the expiration of three years. An Alstom subsidiary, Alstom Network Schweiz AG (formerly known as Alstom Prom AG), has agreed to plead guilty to FCPA-Antibriberie. With regard to these underlying expenses, Alstom S.A.

agreed to plead guilty, violate the BOOKS AND RECORDS AS WELL AS THE FCPA`s internal control rules and pay a fine of approximately $772 million. The DOJ also clarified that no part of the fine could be passed on to General Electric in connection with the planned sale of Alstom`s energy business. Julien Minot Tel. + 33 1 57 06 64 Pierucci`s fortune took another bad turn when his lawyer told him that his application for parole would be rejected. The book says that Twardy had reached a gentleman`s agreement with Novick, the U.S. assistant attorney, that Pierucci would be released after six months. But “the orders came from Washington, from Kahn” that he was to stay a few more months in prison, Pierucci wrote. Three pleaded guilty. The fourth, Lawrence Hoskins, a former senior vice president for the Asia region, will be tried on April 18, 2016 before Arterton. As part of the agreement with the federal government, Alstom pleaded guilty to violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by falsifying its books and records and failing to put in place appropriate internal controls.

A Swiss unit has pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the law`s anti-corruption rules. French electricity and transportation giant Alstom pleaded guilty today and agreed to pay a record fine of US$772 million to the Justice Department to clarify charges of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. If approved by the court next year, it will be the largest foreign bribery sentence in the history of the Justice Department. Twardy told Pierucci he was “furious” that Kahn had violated his oral agreement, the book says, apparently stunned by this kind of treachery. Twardy theorized that Kahn`s reversal could be related to Alstom`s DOJ settlement negotiations, according to the book. The book describes a series of disagreements between Pierucci and his lawyers, of which he says a latif left “red and ready to explode.” Pierucci insisted on what he saw as absurd guidelines for sentencing when Latif told him, “You will not rewrite American law,” the book reads. To date, the division has announced the indictment of five individuals, including four executives of Alstom and its subsidiaries, for alleged corrupt conduct of Alstom. Frederic Pierucci, Alstom`s former vice president for global boiler sales, claimed on July 29, 2013 that he was guilty of conspiring, violating the FCPA, and indicting for violating the FCPA for his role in Indonesia`s corruption program. .

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