Bob Shank Photography

West End Little League Softball 2013



Welcome to the West End LIttle League Softball photo gallery. You can view photos from the games by clicking on the dates to the left.

Enjoy viewing the photos!

Photo Books
A great way to
remember a game
or a season!
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Memory Mate

A Memory Mate is a great keepsake from the season or your All-Star Tournament Team. It features a player photo along with a team photo. Click on the image to the left to view a sample of a Memory Mate.

Action Profile

Similar to a Memory Mate, but features an action photo and player profile.


2013 Tournament Season


3-Photo Sports Collage

These collages feature 3 different action photos overlaid together on one page. The players name and number are also included to make this collage of photos a real keepsake.



Custom Collages






9 different photographs
of your teammates making
plays on the field, or 9
different photos of you
in action! These collages
make great keepsakes
for a special game or an
entire season.



Four favorite photos from your best game or from the season with your name and jersey number.



3x1 Collage

A perfect way to capture your great plays! Featuring 3 small action photos opposite a large vertical photograph.