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Five Things to Look For in a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day will be special and memorable. You want to capture the moments and feelings by choosing a photogprapher who will work with you and do things professionally. The pressure is on. Details for your wedding are being worked out, plans are moving into action, and you only have one chance to do it right. So does the photographer!

With some discussion and planning the relationship with your photographer can be successful. But what should you look for in a wedding photographer?

Here are some important answers to this critical question of what to look for in a wedding photographer:

1. Look for a photographer who knows how to work in all kinds of environments and who is able to work well under pressure. The wedding ceremony happens fast--lightning fast. The wedding photographer you choose should know what to anticipate in a wedding ceremony and know how to deal with all kinds of lighting conditions. He or she should also appear relaxed even in the heat of the moment.

2. The wedding photographer should be clear about prices and what your collection includes and does not include. There is nothing worse than sitting down with the photographer after a wedding and realizing that something you thought was included was not, or that the photograph you were hoping for is nowhere to be found in the proofs. Clear communication with your photographer is vital and she or he must be a good communicator.

3. A good wedding photographer pays attention to small details as well as the obvious ones. For example, when you look at the wedding proofs, from which you will select the enlargements, do they look professional? Many times a photographer who does not pay attention to these fine details simply slaps images on an online gallery as they were taken right out of the camera. This is not paying attention or caring for the small, yet important, details. Look at the backgrounds of the photos. Are they busy and distracting or are they neutral, allowing the subjects to stand out? Are the photographs straight? A good photographer will pay attention to this potentially distracting detail because there is nothing worse than an image that is crooked. Paying attention to details produces superior results.

4. What will the photographer wear on your wedding day? It is one thing for your photographer to be casual when you first meet, but what is worn on the wedding day is very important. When you've gone to the expense of purchasing wedding gowns and renting tuxedos, do you want your wedding photographer to be clicking the camera in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Ask your photographer about this and provide some input so you are both on the same page when it comes to appropriate wedding day attire.

5. Experience and passion are both qualities to be sought in a good wedding photographer. Has the photographer photographed weddings before? Does the photographer know what to look for and anticipate during a wedding ceremony? Is he or she experienced enough to know how to pose your wedding party for the formal shots you desire? Passion goes a long way, too. Is your photographer passionate and excited about your wedding day? Does the photographer show some enthusiasm for what is about to be done for you?

Choose your wedding photographer carefully, keeping these five suggestions in mind. You will not only find what you are looking for, but your wedding day will be treasured in your heart each and every time you look at one of the photographs!


-Bob Shank