Bob Shank Photography
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"Great job, as always, Bob Shank! Thank you so much for the continued, amazing work you do! You have a gift!"

Dr. Gary Gray
ESU Athletic Director 


"Thank you for your outstanding coverage and photos during our season. Tremendous talent in capturing the spirit of the game! RelentlesS"

Coach Jeff Wilson
ESU Men's Basketball Head Coach


"...thank you so much for not only taking the trip out to the game, but also for all of your hard work and amazing photos that you've taken of the team throughout the season. I am beyond impressed with every photo and your dedication really shows in each one. Your work is GREAT. You are amazing and I can't thank you enough."

Coach Stephanie Del Preore
ESU Women's Basketball Head Coach 


 "#WarriorLove to Bob Shank for all you do to record our teams! Thank you!

President Welsh
ESU President


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